Featured Member Quilts: October 14 Morning

Good Morning from 24 Blocks. We hope that everyone enjoyed a beautiful weekend and were able to spend some time quilting…or at least thinking about a quilting project. We really appreciate all our readers and how we share photos and descriptions of quilts we’ve done, or quilts we’ve inherited or antique/vintage quilts we’ve purchased.

This morning we’d like to feature some quilts that have been made as gifts for family or friends at a time of celebration, and all that convey deep ties that bind. They embody respect, honor, hope, memory and creativity. We hope the smiles they show help bring a smile to your Monday…and maybe an interest in creating your own similiar projects.

“Iliked the tie quilts you showed…thought I would share the one I made for my boss for his retirement out of his ties. We’ve worked together for 30 years.” — Carla Patton Steele

“The quilt I made for my step daughters wedding. Turned out very nice and she was so excited.” –– Jennifer Henry

Thisis a quilt I made for my granddaughter’s High School graduation. It isa “Memory Quilt” made from some of her Mom’s T-shirts and clothing. Her Mom (my daughter) was killed in an auto accident in 2008. Each heart that is appliqued is from some of my daughter’s shirts and dressesand the various shapes are from her T-shirts. It will be treasured forever…” — Connie Andersen

Our thanks go to Connie, Jennifer and Carla for sharing their work and wonderful photos. Quilters do bring smiles and stitch memories that last generations.

If you’d like to share a photo of a quilt you’ve made, or of a vintage/antique one, just come to the 24 Blocks Facebook page and upload it. If you made it using a pattern, our readers always like hearing the pattern name and source. If you designed it yourself, we’d love to know about your inspiration. Details about construction, fabric and quilting techniques are always appreciated. And, of course, we like hearing the stories about quilts created for charity, for family or friends, or just for the joy of creativity.

Best wishes for a good Monday.

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