Featured Member Quilts: October 16

Many of us in the world of quilting have projects that we started years and years ago but that we’ve put away in a closet or drawer. This exquisite quilt top has just been finished after 15 years. It is very beautiful and looks like it could have been on a bed in the days of Jane Austen. It was done by Dani Goulding and we’d like to celebrate with her it’s completion and the wise words that accompany it. She has written:

“Ihave been working on the appliquÈ quilt top for over 15 years. Two daysago, I stitched down the last leaf. I bought the pattern in 1982 and itsat in my craft pile for quite awhile. Sometime in the 90’s my boss at work had just come back after cancer treatment and he told us we should all take time each day to do something we love that is not work related.Thanks for that good advice Mike Robinson &Charlene Robinson) So I took a class on appliquÈ and started the project. In 2005, my mom helped me draw onto the fabric where each flower and vine should be from a picture. So I thought of her each time Icovered up one of those pencil marks. Now I need to quilt it, but the top is finished. Finally. I call it my 15 year project (so far).

We love those words: “Take time each day to do something we love that is not work related”. We also love how Dani worked with her Mom in outlining the placement of flowers and the vines and how that helped lead to good memories. Thank you, Dani, for sharing all that with us. And, now, for those projects the rest of us have “put away”…

Many of us also, after we finish a large project, may say “I’m not doing this again.” But, then, after a bit of a rest we get inspired. We think of how we might do it slightly differently. The lure of seeing pieces come together, of the magic of fabric, and our own inner drive to create beauty…all lead us to say “Well, maybe one more…“.

Elizabeth Bloom made this king size Double Wedding Ring for her daughter and son-in-law. Yes, it is king size! Most of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers only did the pattern for a double sized bed…or sometimes just for a 3/4th size. A king size is huge. The task is huge. Elizabeth writes,

“I decided to use fabrics that stayed within the color theme of their wedding, so the arcs of each ring are made up of seven different pinks or seven different blues. It is a king size quilt (90 rings!) and took just under a year to complete. I love how it turned out, but it was so labor intensive that I’m not sure I’d ever make another one.”

Elizabeth’s work is beautiful. It is modern and bright. And it is huge and reflective of perseverance and good taste. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing it with us. We’ll be looking forward to seeing the next one…next year!

We just love the words shared with us by Launi Bush:

“Imake each of our grandchildren a hand made baby quilt when they are born. It is given to Mommy with the stipulation that the children are allowed to use it! Get it dirty, sleep with it, cuddle with it, spit upon it etc.! There is nothing more comforting that sleeping under a wonderful hand made quilt! This is the latest one in progress. I saw the same pattern here in another quilt and fell in love with it!

Thank you, Launi, for those words. We agree!

Remember: Do something each day that you love, celebrate a big project done, and allow the babies to well-use and cuddle at least one of the quilts we make for them. Thank you Launi, Elizabeth, and Dani for sharing your work & words with us.

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