Featured Member Quilts: October 17 Evening

As we all know, some quilts just have challenges, especially if we’re finishing a top made by someone else or trying out something completely new or making a complex, heirloom or large work. We also know the pride in finishing it, even if it takes years. The beauty of challenges overcome seem to make them even more special.

We love this vintage Snowball quilt finished by Diane Larson. Notice the wonderful quilting. Diane calls it “The quilt from hell” because of the challenges it presented. We call it “Glittering Stars in Heaven”. But this is Diane’s story. As quilters we all “undersand”…

“Ibought this top at an auction several years ago with the intention of finishing it, something I love to do. WELL I decided to use a 200 threadcount muslin to give it extra umph since the top was out of fragile muslin and feedsacks and didn’t pay attention to the batting when sandwiching it so mistakenly used a dense batt not recommended for hand quilting, and if that wasn’t enough trouble to get myself into this top had been hand pieced and I don’t think the original piecer had ever heard of a template so each piece wasa different size and shape. Because of the material blunders I made I was only able to quilt for an hour at a time before the pain became too great in my wrist and I would end up just doing a stab stitch. But finally stubborness won out and it’s finished–but notice the edges there was no simple finish there either! The entire thing is zig zagged so mitering of all those corners.

Of course the only thing the rest of us can see is its beauty and how something that was started probably decades ago now has life. And it will be warm. We can’t see any imperfections, just a work of art…and patience. Thank you again, Diane, for sharing your skill with us at 24 Blocks.

This beautiful and large quilt was made by Grt-Grt Granny Shirley Deslatte. In her comment she said she was embarrassed by how many years it took her to finish it. But we all know that the years really don’t count; it’s just the pride of completing something that is really beautiful and that shows a family’s love. Shirley made it for the granddaughter and was just recently able to give it to her. Thank you, Shirley, for letting us see your work.

Sherry Garrison did this Sunbonnet Sue for her granddaughter, too. She did it completely by hand except for decorative stitching on the binding. She said it is not perfect, but was enjoyable. Of course, we can’t see anything but beauty and a sweet use of color…and keeping up the tradition of making Sue’s for granddaughters. It is part of quilting history.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of quilting with our community at 24 Blocks. Happy quilting!

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