Featured Member Quilts: October 18 Evening

Tonight we’d like to feature a few quilts of romance. They all were made by our readers and vary greatly in style. Some for were for weddings, some just to celebrate a couple’s love and attachment. We hope you enjoy them and can get some ideas to help you stitch some celebration of romance, too.

“I made this quilt for my son and his wife for their wedding present.” — Peggy Boyles

“A wedding gift for very dear friends” — Vicki Saunders

1378701_10200756768662938_618419532_nShelia Beavers made this stunning quilt for her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. It is just very beautiful…a real work of art. Notice that the center colors radiate out from the black center following the colors of the rainbow but ending in red, the color of love. The applique florals look to be orchids. It is dramatic and seems full of life.


Lisa Doyle has shared a wonderful idea that many of us could use when we’re thinking about how to decorate for a wedding reception. She writes,

“Imade a bunch of pennants to help decorate my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding reception. My daughter-in-law chose all the fabrics. After thebig day, I cut several strands of pennants apart and made a quilt for them. The purple pieces represent her bridal bouquet. I pieced the backing out of leftover fabric. I named the quilt “Wedding DayJa Vu,” atakeoff of the term DeJa Vu. Needless to say, they love the quilt!

And we love the idea!

Thanks to Lisa, Shelia, Vicki, Peggy and to everyone who has shared photos of the quilts they’ve made to help celebrate romance!

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