Featured Member Quilts: October 28 Morning

Good Monday Morning from 24 Blocks. We hope you had a good weekend, too, and were able to get some quilting done. Many of our readers have shared wonderful photos of their work on our 24 Blocks Facebook page. We love not just seeing them, but also reading stories of families and friendship that are stitched in the quilts. Here are a few we selected to feature this morning.

It’s always nice to see a traditional pattern used in a way that has a modern feel to it. Jeune Nicolai writes,A variation of Drunkards Path, pieced in the 1990’s, and finished for our youngest daughter’s wedding in 2011.”

The combination of light and dark vintage looking fabrics surrounded by the black deep border gives it a modern feel while the inner border with its piecing is almost fanciful. It’s a very beautiful work of art and we can only say “Thank you” to Jeune for sharing it with us all.

Drunkards Path is one of those wonderful historic patterns that does have many variations. Laura Wheeler, back in the 1930’s lamented the pattern’s name. In its meandering form it was considered a Temperance quilt, but its roots go back much farther. It’s one of those patterns that never ceases to delight.

We’d like to thank Lucy Portsmouth for sharing this beautiful photo of a quilt she made from a wedding dress. It looks perfect, too, on the crocheted bed cover. Lucy writes,

“Imade this quilt from a wedding dress …. the beading was lifted off the dress and re-attached to the quilt, and the whole thing is machine embroidered with a flowing leaf pattern …. the tulle ruffle around theedge was made from the dress petticoat.

The beadwork is clear in the photo and we know it was much work to remove from the fabric and then reattach. It all makes for a very elegant quilt. Lucy also commented that she made the quilt for a customer, using her wedding dress, so it will be a keepsake quilt for generations.

Although this one was made to transform a particular dress into a form that will be loved and seen often, there are many beautiful wedding dresses that have been sold or given to thrift shops or consignment shops. Not all will get to see a second life in a wedding and the fabric they contain might make lovely quilts, too.

Janet Peeples made this very beautiful baby quilt for a friend’s grandchild. The appliqued teddy bear in the center is made from corduroy fabric and Janet added some extra batting to his tummy to “puff him out a little bit”. We love how his nose and feet pick up the same colors from the fans. The use of purples and tan is so nice in the quilt and really gives it a vintage look. We’d like to thank Janet not just for showing it, but also for giving her pattern source. She writes that it comes from one of Jennifer Chavarini’s works, “Welcome, Baby Emily!”

Jennifer Chavarini is a quilter and writer who uses the themes of quilting and stories of quilters lives in her Elm Creek Quilts series. She is also known for her Civil War novels Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker and The Spymistress.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their beautiful quilts with 24 Blocks. Quilt on!

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