Featured Member Quilts: October 3 Morning

Good Morning from 24 Blocks. It’s so good to see the creativity…and perseverance…of so many quilters who have shared their work with our 24 Blocks community. It’s just a nice way to start the day. Here is an example…we hope it inspires…

Sue Fosse uploaded this wonderful photo of her Mario quilt. She created it for her daughter and it took 9 months. It is made from 3888 one-inch squares. It is large enough for a queen size bed. Sue added a comment: “Don’t think I’ll ever do this again and glad it is done!” As we all know, however, we tend to say those things and then get our breath and then get inspired again. You just can’t keep a quilter away from her, or his, creative imagination. Thank you, Sue, for inspiring us to try something that does look like a modern, and fine, mosaic. With time, this quilt will be a treasured memento of our cultural history as future generations ask “Who was this Mario guy?”

Cathy Drehmel’s quilt has been very popular with our readers. She writes that “It took me forever. There was no rotary cutting. It was made the old fashioned way with templates and set in Y seams. Sure glad I had the willpower to finish it.” She also commented that she likes to use reds, greens and earth tones and that this work allowed her to use up a multitude of scraps. Her placement of the rich colors, however, is made elegant by the use of a larger white background. It seems to follow that Golden Ratio that produces classically pleasing results. Thank you, Cathy, for showing us how “takes forever” leads to beauty.

It’s so nice to see the combination of wonderful cardinals combined with sweet florals. Sirretta Hornyak created this beautiful quilt after 2 years work. The male cardinals are machine embroidered, but the females on what looks like dogwood stems inside the circles are all hand embroidered. The final quilt is hand quilted. Thank you, Sirretta, for showing it to us!

Sometimes when we stop and think about the best things in our lives we realize that most took time. We, as quilters, can be proud that we not only know that, but practice it.

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