Featured Member Quilts: October 30 Morning

Here’s a great idea captured in a beautiful and creative memory quilt. We’d like to thank Carla Higgins for sharing the photo and description with us all at 24 Blocks. She writes,

“Everyonewho attended my parents’ 50th Anniversary party traced a hand, wrote a note on it and cut it out. They were displayed on a piece of flannel during the party. My mom’s best friend made the center with her daughter. This is the finished product.”

The use of gold, moving in to a light mauve, on the borders almost gives it a look of a gold leaf picture frame. It’s a delight to see all the hands, especially the small ones. We do all have a hand in creating beautiful memories.

Eight pointed star motifs offer so many possibilities for making quilts that are really pleasing while sometimes seeming to sparkle inside each block. This one, using cool colors in the outer stars, sashing, and borders, draws the eye inside towards the radiance reflected in the fabric right outside the center. It was made by Pam Vanoverschelde, thanks to the good taste of her husband. She writes,

“MyHusband found a quilting book at the book fair and brought it home. Herequested I make this blue star one. I think it turned out lovely.

We agree!

As quilters we have a tendency to make quilts for others while sometimes forgetting to lavish our art on ourselves. Sometimes its fun to let go and just do something for yourself the way you want to do it, adding embellishments as strikes your fancy…and then say “Bravo!”. That feeling is one reason we liked Amy Han‘s post:

“CanI admit I’m really proud of this quilt? First of all it is a queen sizequilt for MY bed – which I started only a few weeks after brain surgery(the marvels of modern medicine)!! Secondly I quilted it on my own sewing machine – which given its weight (and my RA) was no easy task! Lastly – I did not shy away from embellishments no matter how time consuming they were to make and attach!

Ok, readers, if you were really free to quilt something for yourself that would make you really happy, what would it be?

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