Featured Member Quilts: Of Friendship and Hope

We all know that life is hard. Quilters traditionally have worked in groups, often creating quilts for people facing challenges, sometimes just expressing friendships and hope. We still do that. The love and caring behind the art are the same, just the techniques and the “look” have sometimes changed. Here are two that have been recently posted by our readers. We hope they inspire you and your quilting friends to keep up the tradition. We also, as a community, send our very best wishes for recovery and for strength for everyone who has received a quilt of friendship and hope.

Barbara Plante Ludins shared this very beautiful quilt top called “Bosom Buddies”. It was made by her quilting group for a friend who just had major surgery. Barbara writes,

“Friends from all aspects of her life helped – her youngest friend that helped is 2 years old. She sat on a lap and helped guide the fabric andcut threads between pieces. The large gold stars represent: Family, Friends, Faith, Community, and Hope. There are a couple of stars made from fabrics that look like rocks, because sometimes life is hard.

Barbara was able to use her friend’s longarm for the quilting. Friends are always stars. They help us step over the rocks, the hard times. Thank you, Barbara, for showing this to all of us. Hopefully it will encourage others to come together in groups to be and to stitch their own stars.

It’s always good to see quilts and wall-hangings made for fund-raisers. This one was made by Diane Pfluger. In her post she said,
“This is the 4th in my series of HOPE quilts. It is being raffled off to raise money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.” There’s so many opportunities to use our skills to help keep Hope strong. Thank you, Diane!

There are patterns available online, and in books, for other quilts related to breast cancer. Sometimes they are called “Quilt Pink” or “Pink Ribbon Quilts”. The Mayo Clinic has a wonderful online publication, Quilts of the Women’s Cancer Program, showing beautiful quilted artworks. There are additional resources available for comfort quilts for people fighting all forms of cancer or other challenges. The traditional patterns of Friendship Quilts provide a traditional beauty and comfort. We can always, too, use our own creativity and symbolism. In hard times, our friends are our stars, and it’s shown in many different patterns.

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