Featured Member Quilts: September 17

Our readers have recently posted, on our 24 Blocks Facebook page, some really very fantastic quilts. They show a great range of quilt types and techniques. Here are just a few that we’d like to highlight tonight. The captions are in the words of the quilters. We hope you enjoy them.

Thequilt pattern is by Margaret Rolfe. I started it several years ago, and finally finished after many fits and starts. Each bird is paperpieced. There are 2,501 pieces in the top. All of the birds were made from oriental fabrics.” — Bonnie Sawyer-Banda

We believe this is Margaret Rolfe’s “Peace Quilt”. The center of each block is an origami crane which has come to be a symbol of peace and healing. There is a Japanese story of “1000 folded cranes”. The giving of origami cranes, strung together on strings, is popular in Japan. Rolfe’s design, as so perfectly executed here by Bonnie, uses multicolored oriental fabrics. If we’ve counted correctly, there are 104 cranes, each with numerous points. The whole effect, on a dark background is one of wonder and hope. Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing it with 24 Blocks.

“Jungle Kiss – a little bit of the Serengheti to enjoy... Hidden in the quilting are several African animals.” — Becky Erdman

As all our followers at 24 Blocks know, Becky is amazingly creative and prolific. Her imagination seems to know no bounds and she is not afraid to try interesting fabric combinations, threads and other materials in her art quilting. Just look at the very sweet expressions on the giraffes. They show such warmth up against a hot pink tree trunk. It is beautiful!

“This Lucky Ducky baby quilt was a custom order for baby Lucia. I wrote about it in this blog post.
” — Sew Fresh Quilts

The very amazing part of this baby quilt is the use of a slightly differing blue fabric to create the feel of moving water and the fragmenting of light we get when looking through water. It bisects both the lower part of the duckie and the frog’s head. It makes for a very creative and unique design.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their quilts with 24 Blocks! It helps inspire and we all know the joy that comes from trying something new and having fun with it.

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