Featured Member Quilts: September 18

Tonight we just wanted to feature some fun quilts made by our readers. They can’t help but make you smile….


“UFO!Saw a quilt on 24Blocks with a comment about a bombing chicken. Had to have my Grandson tell me what that meant. But it reminded me of the chicken quilt I had started waaaaaay long time ago. Unfortunately, I can’t hand quilt it anymore. But I still don’t think it’s done. Maybe some embroidery along the feathers…?” — Martha Plante

“ThisQuilt is from Quilters Anonymous “Froggy Challenge”. I was lucky enoughto take first place with this quilt. What a lot of fun. And no, there is no pattern… Thisquilt was created because my daughter-in-law…took a wonderful picture of a frog and allowed us to use it for inspiration. Thanks MJ!” — Marcella Brown

“Puzzle quilt. WOW 80 MOM Happy Birthday. This was a fun and challenging quilt!… I found it fun to do. I just kept in mind step by step and tried not to get ahead of myself.” — Diana Horn

We’d like to say Thank You to all our 24 Blocks quilting community members who have shared their work. Quilters always know how to have fun, too!

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