Featured Member Quilts: September 19

Every day, or at least most days, we pick out a few quilts that have been shared with our quilting community at 24 Blocks on Facebook , and feature those here on our website so that everyone can easily see them. We try to pick out a variety that shows everything from traditional quilts to very modern inspirations. We especially like the stories that go with quilts and seeing quilts that are made for charity or for gifts. Antique and vintage quilts, too, are a favorite.

If you’d like to share a quilted work with us, just come to our Facebook page and upload a photo just like you would on your timeline. Our readers always appreciate learning the pattern name and source if there is one and any details about construction. We are a community that learns from each other.

Here are today’s selected beauties…

“I just finished assembling a quilt top made from blocks my mother hand-pieced in the early 30’s.” — Lou Alice Collins

“Chicken in my gardenIlearned from Maxine Rosenthal’s book…I love doing them. I have made close to 30 now…Stand by for my Chicken N Stars Soup, should post a pic tomorrow.”LaMona Northey Ellis

Note: LaMona’s mesmerizing beauty is a “One Block Wonder” quilt, popularized by Maxine Rosenthal who wrote about the technique in her “One-Block Wonder: One Fabric, One Shape, One-of-a-kind Quilts”. It’s done by the use of one large piece of printed fabric that’s cut in a way to produce fantastic kaleidoscope effects, frequently using the hex. There are also classes, and some online resources, to aid in learning the technique. Mainly it requires courage for cutting into a large piece of fabric, and then imagination for arranging the triangles. Just think, LaMona’s came from a fabric full of chickens!

“Thisquilt is my design. I used Valentine heart candy box for the heart pattern. The butterflies and the border are all cut freehand without using a pattern. It won first place in its category at a local quilt show.Debbie McCoy

Thanks to Debbie, LaMona, and Lou Alice for sharing such rich beauty with us all. And, Lou Alice, he story of a quilt being completed after 80 years in full of heartwarming grace.

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