Featured Member Quilts: September 23

We don’t generally have many new quilted works of art, as posted by our readers, that utilize a very soft color palette and in fabrics that harken back to the use of silks and satins in parlor quilts and throws. This one, in delicate pinks and greens was made by Patti LeFever Morlock from the Sue Beever pattern called “Morning Sunshine”. Patti writes that it is paper pieced and that paper piecing is a passion of hers. It has 36 blocks, all exactly alike but placed differently in the layout. When we first saw it it looked like a fine Hermes scarf, then like something out of a Jane Austen country estate. Then we realized it was new, and fresh, and lovely. Thank you, Patti, for letting us see it.

No one’s life is free from challenge and, like all the quilters who have gone before us, we know that quilting can be therapy. Whether we quilt mostly alone or in a group, it’s like it’s personal time…time for us and our creations. We can see life in fabric, how it can be shaped and placed to form a beautiful whole. We can find ourselves, at odd times, thinking about quilt design or how a certain fabric will hold up over time.

Jean Bennett Girogetti writes, “Ihave always considered quilting, sewing, etc. to be my “therapy”! I just feel better just looking at material, my sewing machine and projects to start.” She has just finished this quilt. It was made during the process of a loved one’s treatment for cancer, a cancer now in remission. Many of us know what that’s like; we may have quilts that we made during times of our own illnesses or those of a family member or during a wait for a loved one’s return. Just like the light falls beautifully on Jean’s quilt in this photo, we know that the process of creating and finishing something lovely can help bring its own kind of light.

Diana Horn writes,
This was a quilt I made for my baby granddaughter. I wanted it to have a variety of “feel good” spots.” It’s nice to see fabrics with differing, but yet soft, textures in a quilt in a lovely combination of pink, green and yellow. It looks like some Pooh fabric is in there, too. The satin trim, also, has a darling effect. Thank you, Diana, for sharing it with us!

Thanks to everyone one has recently posted a photo of one of their quilts. We inspire each other…in many ways.

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