Featured Member Quilts: September 25


We always love to see quilts and wall-hangings that are made for friends, especially for friends who are far away or who have recently come back from traveling. Pam Nelson has done that, capturing the colors and the stars of the United States flag in a very novel way. She writes,

“I made this quilt for a friend in Sweden, who happened to love red, white, and blue which are the colors of our American flag. I chose to do the log cabin to represent the stripesand then add the stars in the blue.

It is beautiful and will be popular with our readers. Thanks, Pam, for sharing it with 24 Blocks.


We’d like to thank Christine LeClair for not just showing us one of her recently finished baby quilts, but also a photo of the notebook page she used to design it. We love to see documentation of layouts and really encourage quilters to keep records of the quilts they make. Christine has written,

“Recentlyfinished 2 baby quilts that my mother-in-law and I worked on together! We modified an existing template she had in her stash to make the size blocks we wanted. And while we had fun coming up with a variety of patterns that could be formed from the blocks, decided on a random pattern in the end . Made 2 and 1/2 quilts so far from the pattern! Such fun!

Christine says that drawing her quilts out on graph paper is half the fun! When her baby won’t let her sew she “quilts” in her book. Here’s her notebook page for the layout of this quilt…


Cynthia Licciardi just simply writes, Fabulous fall day for hanging quilts on the line!

Many of us probably grew up with the tradition of taking quilts out of storage on a nice fall day and hanging them outside for a good airing. Sometimes at our house the structurally sound ones would be draped over a line like Cynthia’s. The vintage ones would get draped over several lines or over a porch railing and some chairs. They would be watched carefully so they got fresh air but not much sunlight. They always smelled so fresh when they came in and were ready for the first chilly night that was bound to come. Thank you, Cynthia, for helping bring back good memories for many of us!

As the evening closes we wish everyone the best. Happy Quilting as Fall begins to show its sassy self.

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