Featured Member Quilts: September 26

Many of our readers were amazed by Jean Bennett Giorgetti‘s stunning wavy Log Cabin (below) that we featured a few days ago. Everyone wanted to know how the look was created. Jean has been gracious to share with us her diagrammed blocks to show how it is done. She writes,

Firstof all I wanted to thank EVERYONE who commented on my last quilt. I live in Italy, far from the cities (Rome, Treviso) where there are quilters. That’s why 24 Blocksis so important to me! I can get and exchange ideas with other quilt lovers like myself. Many of you asked how I managed the waves, and also the pattern. I’m very pleased to be able to help. It’s a log cabin… a bit different. The center square is always cream color and the sizes are: Center square is 4.2cm (1.7 inches). The narrow strips measure 2.7cm (1.1 ins.) and the wider stripsare 4.2cm (1.7 ins.).

Just by looking at these two blocks together you can see the “wave” effect. The possibilities are endless! It’s up toyou to design! It can be done paper foundation way, but I prefer strip sewing – I had lots of time to cut and sew!
Again thank you all, and Happy quilting – the best time of the day!

Here’s Jean’s quilt again:

Many of us loved how the light played on the quilt in Jean’s photo. Now we know it was that wonderful Italian sun! But wherever we are we can design our own works of art. Thank you, Jean, for inspiring us all at 24 Blocks.

Caryn Lee made this quilt for her daughter’s high school graduation. She modified it from a pattern for a wall hanging in Judy Martin’s Log Cabin Quilt Book. We have seen close up of the hearts in this pattern and they are nothing short of exquisite. The strips used are narrow and the placement of colors makes the whole effect stunning. Notice, too, Caryn’s quilting within the hearts. She added this note about the quilt’s construction:

“InThe Judy Martin book I mentioned above there is a queen size and a wallhanging done with narrower strips. I liked the narrower look and just wanted a lap size so I just made 12 squares and then adapted the border from the queen size to fit mine. Read in the book about how to organize the strips. There are a lot of sizes!”

Thank you, Caryn, for sharing your very fine work with us all!

Many times we don’t recognize the importance of the quilts we make for others until long after we’ve presented the gift. Quilts that are made, or given, during times of disasters, or illness, or other challenges always seem to carry a special meaning. This baby quilt, made by Pat Palmer, was to be given at a shower that had to be cancelled because of the Colorado flood. This is what Pat has written:

“Imade this ‘Hugs & Kisses’ quilt for a friend’s first grandbaby..a girl due in October. Her daughter’s baby shower had to be cancelled because of the Colorado flood. She lost her home in the Canyon. Mom has the quilt safe and sound at her house. It’s been a sad and devastating time for many people here in our beautiful State.”

We can all wish Pat, her friend’s family and everyone else affected by the flooding the very best. Recovery from floods is always slow. Quilts can ease the chill and give a sense of warmth from the heart, too. This quilt, when it does make it to the new baby, will be cherished for a long, long time.

Thanks to everyone who has interacted in our 24 Blocks quilting community. Keep the inspiration going!

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