Featured Member Quilts: September 5

24 Blocks is an amazing Facebook community. We have nearly 40,000 Facebook fans, with perhaps some of the best quilts out there. That’s why we show off some of the fantastic quilts you’ve submitted to our Facebook page! If you want to be considered, go to our Facebook page and upload a photo of your quilt with a quick caption explaining it. You can also submit a longer Quilter Story via email. Read how to do that here. Without further delay, here are today’s featured quilts:

479800_459634210737267_528752142_nSame block.. love these scrappy quilts. –Helen Guffey (Who says to message her for pattern details!)

533071_3590286404838_824239985_nHi, everyone’s quilts are beautiful. I thought I would post a picture of a babyquilt I did for a girl at work. We had the shower last week and she was thrilled. She said the baby’s room will be accented with purple. –Joyce Long

523407_3608982504447_924335931_nTable topper – another of my favorites. See conversation here. –Barbara Gibson

225189_3608974424245_981778309_nThis is one of my favorites – a pinwheel sampler. It won third place spectator’s choice at our local fair. –Barbara Gibson

540438_3664199723486_1390315612_nCrazy quilt, bedspread sized. I used all the scraps from other projects I’ve made for so many others over the many years I’ve sewn. We finally have one quilt to call our own! –Susan Berberich See the conversation here.

484534_512656635417326_1523226296_nCompanion quilt for my mom’s 89th birthday featuring added family members since giving her the original memory quilt made for her 80th birthday, which I posted on July 10, 2012. She loved it! –
Julie Koch

305024_4575308060555_2037222840_nMy Yoyo Village quilt won Best of Show at my local county fair and then a 1st place ribbon at the KY State Fair. (Classification: Mixed techniques machine sewn machine quilted) –Cindy Rogers Pelkey.

574979_3988501204483_777295331_nThis quilt won the blue ribbon at the Caledonia Fair in Vermont – Now I am raking it to the State Fair. Wish me luck! —Becky Erdman.


One of the jars in the wall hanging is one my son bought me with his paper route money, he is now 43. This was a fun project. –Anna Sue Ferguson Trunck.

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