Featured Member Quilts: September 9

Good Morning from 24 Blocks! We hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful September weekend. Sometimes it’s hard to get going on a Monday morning, but we hope these beautiful quilts, selected from readers’ posts, will help you think of new quilts you might want to start planning. These are just beautiful!

This very lovely quilted wall-hanging was shared with us by Mary Dixon Carmosino. It was made by her sister Ingrid who has created such stitched works of art for almost everyone in her family. Mary writes, I think her work is priceless and love her choices of fabric and color. There are 4 of us sisters and we are so proud of Ingrid.

It’s nice to see differing, yet harmonious, fabrics used in the tulips…just like no two tulips are exactly alike in your garden. We love the blue leaves, too. It’s all part of that magic of the color wheel. Thank you, Mary, for sharing it with us and please give Ingrid our praise.

“Thisis my appliqued quilt called Martha Washingtons cherries. This is the second one of these I have made. The cherries are the size of quarters. Ilove applique and also red and white quilts. I am making quilts for each of my grandchildren and great grands. I have 2 more to finish.” — Dorothy Davis

Note that Dorothy said the cherries are the size of quarters. If we’ve counted right, there are 1080 of them. Just think about that…. It just all goes to make a stunning work of art. Many of us have enjoyed seeing Dorothy’s other quilts posted to 24 Blocks. Her work is a pleasure to see!

Thisis a quilt I made for my 3rd oldest, Emily. I have made a quilt for allbut one of my kiddos…so far…(God Bless Eleanor Burns and her Quilting show on t.v.)… It is a scrap quilt, thus the many colors/prints. I used the knotting method on this one.” — Donna Kolojeski

We’ve always called this pattern “Arabian Star”. It is a vintage pattern, based on the hexagon, and creates interesting visual effects with stars, blocks and checks. We believe that it also may be called “Dutch Tile”. It’s a simply beautiful pattern and done here by Donna in a modern and very pleasing way.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their work with our quilting community at 24 Blocks! Happy Quilting this week!”

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