Featured Member Quilts: Some Blues

Tonight we’d like to feature a few quilts that use blues in wonderful ways. All were made by our readers. Sometimes working with blue can pretend to be a challenge, mainly because we just need more courage to try mixing different shades and hues. Some of us may have had grandmothers who said not to mix navy and black or we might think “Baby Blue” is too cute. But, whether the blue reflects the summer sky or a deep dark winter’s night, it’s all a part of our nature…and that can’t be wrong any way we mix it.

from: Kathy Nixie: “great site. I make quilts out of recycled denim”

from: Bonnie Vega: “My brother LOVES his new king size levi quilt that I made him and my sister-in-law for Christmas. what a great way to use old levis”

from: Carmen Boyd: “I learn something each time I make a quilt. This time was about color, which is NOT my strong suit. This pattern is “Tradewinds” and is for my 88 year old daddy. The pattern said to choose a nice range of fabrics from light to dark. Well into the quilt I realized I had chosen a nice range from very light to very dark. Next time, I will know better. I should have gone with my gut and I didn’t. Anyway, with a nice wool batting, he will be nice and warm.”

We love Carmen’s quilt and disagree that she hasn’t used color well. We love the random placement of the darks and the contrast between the lights and the dark. It gives the work a modern feel. Color values just don’t always have to be balanced. Her work looks like ice crystals from a distance. We love it!

from: Allanah Buckley Lewis: “This “quilt as you go” quilt was made by sewing the strips on to 12 x 40 inch batting pieces. The strips were then sewn together and the seams pressed flat and stitched down. It was quick to sew and super easy to do too. I was inspired by Mourene Cracknell ‘s tutorial and it’s a special gift for a very sick friend awaiting treatment. The blue and green Batiks remind me of swimming at the beach in our hot Australian Summer.”

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