Featured Member Quilts: Spring

The inspiration for this quilt shows that peace can bloom like the flowers in Spring. It was posted to our 24 Blocks Facebook page by Ernest N Gloria McGee. It is called “Peace Baskets” and it is all done by hand. Ernest writes that they saw a quilt in this pattern in a magazine after President Reagan gave one to Mr. Gorbachev when he visited the U.S. Ernest writes “Gloria discovered the pattern was owned by the Smithsonian. She contacted them and they provided her with the pattern. I think hers turned out better than the original. This was the 1st quilt she ever made for me. All done by hand.” It’s so nice to see something this well done and to have it linked to a historic event. The Smithsonian’s quilt collection is amazing and it’s nice to know that quilts of peace have been given out as diplomatic gifts. Thanks Ernest and Gloria for sharing this with us.

This vintage quilt belonged to Eve Bell’s mother. It dates to the early 1930’s and is in remarkable condition. Eve would like to know the name of the pattern. Some of our readers have suggested “Peony” or “Currants and Coxcombs”. Others have suggested to Eve that it’s “Rose of Sharon” or “Poppy”. What do you think? Thanks for your post Eve!


We wanted to feature some quilts today that remind us that it is now SPRING! Tammy Holzhausen posted this photo a few days ago saying, simply, “This is Megan and she made this.” Thanks, Tammy. And to Megan we just want to say that the colors and design are great for spring. Good work!

Instead of Working Now by Jennifer Henry posted two versions of this design making them very complimentary. It’s been very popular with our readers. Her fabric choices and how they work well together is just wonderful. Hearts bloom in the spring! Thanks, Jennifer, for sharing your art with us.

Pink and green in a Bargello! Thanks Jessica Wickam for your post. It is a fantastic use of fabric to pick up the traditional style in a modern way.

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