Featured Member Quilts: The Feeling of Blocks

There are some quilts that give that feeling of building, of children’s construction blocks. There’s an energetic feel, a sense of optimism. Here are some we’ve selected that have that feeling.

from: Cheryl Vaughan Williams: “I just made this quilt for the daughter of a friend who is raising money to adopt two beautiful children from another country. The quilt has yet to be quilted and will be bound in black. I used enlarged paper piecing house patterns by the queen of paper piecing, Carol Doak. As always, once it is completed I see things I could have done differently and would do differently should I make it again but, over all, I think it turned out pretty. I am calling it “Home Is Where The Heart Is” and tried to in-co-operate hearts through-out the houses in one way or another.”

We love Cheryl’s work. Home is where the heart is and, like quilts, they are built. It’s nice in this quilt to see all the differing kinds of houses. We wish her the best and hope that the quilt does help raise the needed funds.

from: Libby Hobbs: “My niece and I started a business last summer making infant bedding, taggies, burpies, etc. This is one of my toddler quilts, “Things that Fight Fire” Quilt with Appliques. Each applique was custom designed and appliqued using my Babylock BMP6 needle embroidery machine. Once I completed the quilt top, I used my embroidery machine to custom quilt the quilt. Each solid block was quilted by embroidering a typical fire emblem. The border was quilted on the embroider machine as well using a flame stitch pattern. The did a stitch in the ditch around the 4 patch squares and borders.”

Libby’s quilt is amazing! We hope that everyone looks very closely at it, both at the appliques and the quilting.

from: Sharon Gordon: “Bright flannels block quilt I made for my granddaughter, Addyson”

from: Claire A. Hadjer: “I’ve always loved the tumbling block look on anything. Again, thanks to Kaye Wood, I have got the hang of the technique. Being the unconventional person that I always have been, I didn’t want to buy fabric. I found micro-fibre cloths at B&Q (DIY.com). So soft and easy to cut. The only snag is the corners are a bit bulky. It is starting to look great!”

We love all these quilts and would like to say “Thank You” to Claire, Sharon, Libby, Cheryl and everyone else who has shared their quilts with 24 Blocks. We inspire each other.

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