Featured Member Quilts: Vibrant and Alive

So many people use quilts to bring pops of color into their decorating. They make for easy ways to change a mood in a room. There are times, especially in the winter, when we just seem to need vibrant color that is warm and alive. Here are a few that have recently been posted by our readers. One comes with a story of a lesson with which many of us will agree.

from: Linda Nielson: “My latest hand appliqued/quilted project. The bright colors keep me happy on cold winter days.”

from: Andrew Batt: “This was the one I finished in December. Its made with 101 fossil fern batik colors. It seems to be a favorite of everyone. I like it but The bunny quilt is still my favorite so far. Ok, that’s all I have done so far. I’m working on #5 and just about to quilt it.”

from: Linda Deis: “This is the quilt that accompanies the story”

The story from Linda:This quilt is a story of “don’t necessarily buy it just because it’s on sale”. Probably 8 years ago I stopped at a favorite quilt shop on my trip back to Ohio from NC. It was after Christmas and they had their Christmas fabrics on sale. Included were jelly rolls for $24. Being the quiltaholic cheapskate I grabbed three of them (along with other fabrics). When I got home and started looking I realized all the prints on the jelly rolls were Christmas and in not very traditional colors. Well, the were ON SALE! So, the jelly rolls found a home in mt basket of jelly rolls/Bali pops and there they stayed for about 4 years. Every time it wanted strips for something I had to push aside the Christmas prints. Finally, enough was enough. I pulled them out and committed myself to making a log cabin. I got it pieced and the top assembled, then moved It to the stack of tops ready to quilt – it’s new home until this past December. When a few health related issues cut into my sewing time this past fall I did not get everything I had planned finished for Christmas. My daughter’s quilt being one. I went to the closet and started checking the “ready to quilt” pile to try to find a substitute. I came across the log cabin which had now made it’s way to the very bottom of the stack. Well, her bedroom is green and red and gold so I yanked this top out, did some heavy repressing, assembled and quilted. When she opened it Christmas morning I started to apologize but she stopped me. “Mom,” she said, “I love it! It’s the colors of my room! I don’t care if it’s Xmas I just might use it all year long! “. So, the jelly rolls finally came out and I guess that just proves my first statement incorrect. If you have space and it’s on sale – buy it! Even if you don’t know why!

Thanks Linda D., Andrew, Linda N. and everyone else who has posted photos of their quilts. They are always a joy to see! If you’d like to share a photo, just come to our 24 Blocks Facebook page and upload a clear photo there. Please share the pattern name and source if there is a specific one you used, and any stories of inspiration. Our readers like hearing about construction details and we all love seeing quilts that are made for charity and for gifts. Quilt On!

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