February 4 – Check Out Today’s Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks!

from: Laura Tanner: “paper pieced flamingos”

from: Dallas DiLeo: “This is Alfie after a tough day holding down the project stack”

from: Donna Harrison: “A photo from Donna”

from: Leann McClain: “Also now dubbed the teaching quilt, this monster (101″ x 111″) quilt top was picked up at a yard sale in PA, pieced by an unknown person (someone Amish I was told) and then given to me to use for practice quilting. I’m going to say right off the bat this is a fabulous learning tool. The gift that keeps on giving…….issues, but that is the beauty of it. I am learning to quilt cupping in the fans, inaccurate piecing, and dealing with poor pressing during construction, but that is where the learning curve is beneficial! It costs me my time (valuable) and the price of the backing, batting, thread, and is improving my quilt-vision. The colors are definitely old fashioned and dated, not to my taste. The piecer probably used a pink sheet and leftover dress fabrics. I decided to spice it up with floral appliquÈ and lace because it lacked life and needed contrast. I feel the appliquÈ and lace perked it up and I’ll put it on my long arm to give it depth. January 19, 2015 update: I have begun the process of quilting to now give it dimension. That being said, it is giving me excitement as I work on it more. I drew a cable and feathers pantograph for the 11 Ω ” border. I cannot leave anything alone, can I? :D) I am using a rope tool for the inside blue border. Comments are welcomed.January 31, 2015 update:After a week of jury duty I came home at night to find myself wanting to stand up and no more sitting!!! So, I quilted! I used Quilter’s Dream 100% washable wool batting, and So Fine 60 weight polyester matching thread on the top with Bottom Line ecru thread in the bobbin.I finally finished the quilting last night and trimmed it up to be ready to be bound. I had thought I was going to use bias strips from the backing but feel now it would be too distracting from the border. I am going to try to find a close match for the pink background to use for binding.I could call this “Transformation” and leave it at that!”

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