If You’ve Got Five Minutes And Some Spare Fabric, You Can Make An Adorable Pin Cushion!

So often when it comes to our craft projects, it can feel like we have to choose between speed and beauty. So when we find a project like this five minute pin cushion, we are thrilled to get the best of both worlds!

Not only is this pin cushion quick and easy to make, but it obviously also looks great (which means it would make an excellent little gift for anyone else who is as crafty as you are).

We were definitely skeptical about being able to do this project so quickly, but after watching this tutorial from CraftingLuxury, we are full of confidence, and there is no doubt that you will be too!

We also think this project would be perfect for any of your friends who are still new to sewing, want to learn the basics, or need a pincushion for their projects.


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