Getting Started: 5 Great Beginner Quilting Resources

If youíve caught the quilting bug, the next step is patching together some resources to help get you started. Weíve gathered a few favorites so you can learn more about patchwork, sewing, making borders, and more.

beginner quilting resources

Weíll preface this reference guide with a suggestion ñ nothing beats learning the craft from someone in person. If you know someone who has experience quilting, donít hesitate to ask for some pointers. The advice is priceless!

  1. Craftsy Online Quilting Classes

    Beyond offering great patterns, supplies, and project ideas, Craftsy also offers a bevy of really interesting online quilting classes. Follow along with the fundamentals classes and learn basic techniques, and eventually you can move onto more specific classes (current ones include pre-cut piecing and using a sewing machine to make big quilts).

    These online classes typically cost $30 to $40 for a series of sessions, and they have great reviews from students ñ many of whom are just getting started with quilting, too. Classes usually come with materials and Q&As in the virtual classroom, so you can get feedback if you have any questions.

    Click here to browse all of Craftsyís online quilting classes. (Craftsy also offers classes for lots of other sewing techniques and projects, too!)

  2. YouTube

    Quilting tutorials on YouTube can be super helpful when youíre just starting to learn. Because you can pause, rewind, and fast-forward videos ñ not to mention browse tons of different videos to find what you need ñ they are a great resource for beginners.

    A big favorite is the Missouri Star Quilt Company, which posts tons of videos on different projects, fun patterns, and fundamental techniques. (Click here to view the YouTube page.) Itís also great for getting some creative inspiration!


    This website has a really great selection of specific articles on making a quilt ñ what supplies you need, how to cut fabrics, what needles and threads to use, and even how to design a quilt. With troubleshooting advice on sewing machine problems, tips on how to calculate yardage, and so much more, the detailed and topical information answers so many little questions that come up when making your first quilt.

    Click here to see About.comís extensive quilting resource library for beginners.

  4. Better Homes and Gardensís Complete Guide to Quilting, More Than 750 Step-to-Step Color Photographs

    The Internet is nice, but an actual book can be a great asset when youíre just getting into the quilting groove. This Complete Guide to Quilting offers information on techniques, tools, seams, stitches, knots, blocks, and fabrics of all kinds ñ making it a big asset for beginners and longtime quilters alike.

    There are tons of bold, crisp photographs to complement the huge wealth of information packed between its pages, plus clear instructions that are perfect for new quilters.

    Click here to see the book on Amazon.

  5. McCallís Quilting

    Patterns, eBooks, videos, blogs, and more ñ McCallís website is a one-stop shop for quilting resources of all kinds. You can subscribe to get magazines filled with patterns, or browse the website for helpful videos. McCall’s has a little bit of everything, so itís a nice reference guide for quilting newcomers. (Click here to visit the website.)

These definitely arenít the only quilting resources out there, but they can be a great help in learning the basics and getting the hang of techniques and terminology. Happy quilting!

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