Gloria’s Art: April 22

One of the real treats we’ve had in our Facebook 24 Blocks quilting community has been getting to see the marvelous work done by Gloria McGee. Her husband Ernest has graciously posted the photos of her quilts. One of the nice things about social media is that we get to know people we’ve never met in person and our shared interests become a bond.

Here are four of Gloria’s quilts that Ernest added to our page yesterday. They are all beautiful and intricate and show marvelous skill. The captions come from Ernest. We are very appreciative and very honored to get to hightlight Gloria’s work.


“As I promised this is the finished quilt called “Crown of Glory”—the pattern is by The Rabbit Factory—Gloria has been hand quilting this pattern for nearly 5 months. She retired from Nursing at Good Samaritan Hospital in June 2011 –normally it wouldtake over a year to finish this size quilt. Retirement from 38 years ofCritical Care Nursing has it’s advantages.



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