Stop being intimidated by this classic quilting process with these great tips!


Maybe it is just us, but hand quilting seemed super intimidating for a long, long time before we decided to get a little brave and finally try it out, only to realize that we really just needed a little practice in order to find our groove. Needless to say, now we absolutely love it and are constantly urging our fellow quilting friends to put their fears aside and try it out for themselves!

With that said, today is the day, we convince you to dive on in…

If you have not already taken a stab at hand quilting yet or maybe tried it several years ago, Diana from Quilt Craft has some great tips that make the whole process even easier – now you can hand quilt without the frustration and stress of giant stitches and un-threadable needles! Check out the below video and welcome to the wonderful world of hand quilting!


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