See What All The Fuss Is About And Learn To Make The Popular Herringbone Quilt!

If you are even remotely in to quilting (and since you are reading this, we are going to go out on a limb here and say that you probably are) then we are sure you have probably heard of the Herringbone quilt.

The Herringbone quilt is a very popular quilt, and for good reason; we just love the simple design and all of the fun you can have with your fabric selection!

In the following video tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, Jenny shows us how to make our very own version of this quilt. It is another great half-square triangle quilt (seriously, these triangles are so versatile, and as always, Jenny’s method is awesome), and trust us when we say, it is actually quite simple!

It’s time to hit your sewing room and get started on your next (or soon-to-be next) project!


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