How To Read A Quilt Pattern.

One of the great things about this space is the wide variety of DIYers and quilters that exist amongst us; some are just getting started while others have been practicing their craft for many, many years!

With that said, occasionally, we like to offer resources for those of us who are just getting into quilting. And let’s be frank, when it comes to quilting, a very important skill, and one we need to learn early on, is being able to read a pattern.

Thankfully, Mary from Fons & Porter shows us how in the following video tutorial! Mary also offers tips to get started such as reading every pattern like you would a recipe (we LOVE this tip!). Make sure to check it out below!

Side note: If you fall into our group of well experienced quilters, this video may have a lot of information you already know so be sure to share it with your friends who are just getting started in the wonderful world of quilting!


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