This Insulated Casserole Carrier Is A Must-Have For The Holiday Season!

Outside of the quilting world, I have been known to make a mean green-bean casserole. So when the holidays roll around (or basically any occasion that calls for a big family dinner), I love (and am always expected) to bring my casseroles along with me; but how do you ensure they arrive safely (and still warm)?

Well, we have just the solution with this wonderful project from Melanie Ham, that’s how!

Now you can take your magic from the quilting table to the dinner table with this insulated casserole carrier. Not only will your dish stay warm, but it will arrive to the function or gathering in style! This project is quick, simple, and definitely a must-have for the holiday season (or like we said, any time of year)!

We can not wait to see how much you love your new casserole carriers so be sure to let us know how yours turns out!


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