Intricate Quilted Art: January 2

Happy New Year from 24 Blocks! We’ve had some amazing quilts recently posted on the 24 Blocks Facebook page. This morning we’d like to highlight some of the ones that are intricate, that show the wide range of possibilities there are for those of us who feel an urge to try something more complex or more free-form or just more reflective of our own inner artist. They are all different. We hope you enjoy them and, perhaps, are moved.

from: Ruth Moses Lovell: “Finally finished this quilt from a Jacqueline de Jonge pattern. Each of the black and white is a separate piece of fabric. The white fabric in the circles was quilted with metallic silver thread before cutting out so that there would be silver sparkles in the quilt.”

Ruth’s quilt is a vibrant work of art. We love the use of clear colors, radiating the color wheel in bursting stars and the flowing checked circles. It is one of the most intricate works we’ve seen. We really like this one with the white background. The name of the pattern is “Listen With Your Eyes” and is, as advised in Ms. de Jonge’s website, for “very advanced quilters”. Ms. de Jonge writes that the inspiration for the design came to her at church when light flooded through the stained glass windows. She says, when “you see the bright colors…listen, listen to the whisper of the colors and hear them talk of happiness, pleasure and joy!

from Donna Clemons McCormack. We had earlier featured Donna’s amazing wall-hanging and she was asked by some of our readers to show a close-up. This is it, showing the coral with beading that she sewed on, bead by bead. The entire wall-hanging is 68″x42″ and was made as a Christmas gift for her daughter. Donna also wrote that the fish were made one layer at a time and that she added clear beads for “air bubbles”. It is truly a work of exquisite art!

from: Barbara Flemming: “Close up of wall hanging made by my sister”

We’d like to thank Barbara for sharing with us this closeup of the amazing wall hanging made by her sister. Barbara also writes that her sister, who is no longer with us, was an amazing artist who, when her health would no longer let her paint with a brush, turned to applique. She used fabric like a brush. This is a true work of art and we’re proud to be able to show it to everyone at 24 Blocks. Notice the scissors and other tools in the sewing basket, the details in the sewing machine, and the pieces being sewn in what looks like part of a “Log Cabin”. Notice, too, the detailing on the antique lamp. It is all intricate, beautiful and a work that we all knows carries so much love.

Thanks Ruth, Barbara, Donna and everyone who has shared their love of quilting with our community at 24 Blocks. We all help keep a long tradition alive and, hopefully, help promote new creativity. Not all of us are “called to intricacy” in our quilting, but we all can appreciate the beauty and artistic passion it takes.

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