It’s Time for Wedding Quilts

While traditionally quilts like Double Wedding Ring or Log Cabin have been given for wedding presents, we love to see new ideas, too. Here are some from our readers that we think you will enjoy, starting out of course with a fresh take on a traditional…

Thanks go to Alena, Millie, Chris and Anita for sharing them with us.

from: Alena Mae Doty: “Double Wedding made for my daughter and son in law for their wedding 3 years ago. Machine pieced and hand quilted…”

from: Millie Brown Frieden: “This is a wedding quilt for my son and daughter-in-law….It is a variation of the Chinese Coin pattern and was my first attempt at free motion quilting on my machine. Includes 3 pieces of French Provencal handwork….showing the “quilt and fill” process that has been preserved down thru the centuries, and 3 blocks of applique and embroidery.”

Millie’s quilt is amazing with it’s incorporation of vintage techniques. It gives that special ageless feel.

from: Chris Jacobs: “Wedding Guest Book Signature Quilt. Inspired by ClamBake pattern in Winter issue of Simple Quilts. Guests signed “shells” at the wedding to be sewn into this quilt. The wedding colors were teal and spring green. I call it Happy as a Clam.”

from: Anita Balgenorth: “Tree of Life quilt made for our daughter and her husband in celebration of their marriage last May. Their initials are on the heart on the trunk.”

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