January 27 – Check Out Today’s Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks! – 24 Blocks

from: Vanessa Innes: “Ringwood Waldorf School parents from Class 8 made a block each to represent their child. It was a gift to their Class Teacher of 8 years. Each block is 30cm. None of the parents had ever done any appliquÈ or quilting so it was a new experience. The project was lead by Jackie Carr-Jones who had the idea from her church. “

from: Julie Sanford: “This is African Shield, from Beth Ann Williams’ book, “A World of Quilts” I extended the borders. Love how it came out.”

from: Cheryl Happybunny Gilmore: “jelly roll quilt”

from: Dawn Marie Lucas: “I completed this log cabin quilt back in 2011, it was my 3rd quilt ever. I named it “strawberry kisses” and it was a surprise christmas gift for a secret santa.”

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