January 5 – Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks

from: Terri L Headley: “Summer vacation to Alaska and the Yukon, I purchased three fat quarters in every stop and put together in this quilt. the pattern is called Slidders.”

from: Terri L Headley: “An Oriental panel quilt of my own design.”

from: Penny ‘n Dana Whitney-Asdourian: “Saw a quilt called “Modern View” on Pinterest. I tried to replicate it on an Excel spreadsheet and decided I really liked it more if I added lattice between the blocks (not just within the blocks). This is a queen-size quilt in fabrics that were chosen to provide a vintage look. “

from: Michelle Marlett: “I don’t get to make many quilts these days, but wanted to post a picture of one I quilted for a customer. these are hand and footprints of her grand babies. “

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