Jewels to Overcome the Winter: March 4

It’s Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, the end of the Carnival season. In the Christian tradition it’s the day before Lent begins, the last day of eating rich & fatty foods and being, well, exuberant before the reflective season of penitence. We heard a religious leader say once that it is a day when we can celebrate happiness, the glory and goodness of people made in God’s image, people who really are like jewels against the winter’s grey. We can remember Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration that one of our unalienable rights is the “pursuit of happiness”. More mundane, we can remember the words “Laissez les bons temps rouler” or “let the good times roll”.

And, for those of who are naturally reserved and always proper, today is the day we can we be exuberant and say that we are simply keeping up a time-honored tradition. 🙂 We can be colorful today and we can shine.

This morning we’d like to feature a few quilts from our readers that have that spirit of jewels. They overcome the winter. They are exuberant. We hope you enjoy them.

Our thanks go to Kathleen, Greta, Elisa, Laura and everyone else who has shared their love of quilting.

from Laura Givan Wilson:Like most of the northeast, I was trapped inside for a good 5 days in mid-February. Fortunately, the winter Olympics were on full-force. Inspired by the beautiful patchwork fabrics used in the marketing of the Russian Olympics, I decided to challenge myself by creating a quilt using only fabrics that I had on hand (not really a problem, since I couldn’t get my car out of the driveway)! Here’s the result. Making sense of all the pieces took me a while. I just started quilting a little over a year ago and have gone “all in”. I’ve called this quilt “Snowchi” for obvious reasons. Enjoy!

from Kathleen Castillo: “Jewels on The Lake – 2013 Bass Lake Mystery Quilt Retreat. There are two more borders yet to be added. I’m very pleased with my color choices, and the instructor Bonnie Carlson’s pattern. Finished just in time for Bass Lake 2014 Mystery Quilt Retreat.

from: Greta Anderson: “trying to shake the winter blahs.”

from: Elisa Hernandez Lawrance: “Pattern is called “Inside the Box”. I used Southwest fabrics with black background (my favorite) to give it that “pop”!”

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