July 12 – Today’s Featured Quilts

Here at 24 Blocks, we love the sense of community and happiness that quilting brings; which is why we love to share the beautiful quilts that our readers submit to us every day! Take a look at some of our favorite, user- submitted quilts below, and get inspired!

from: Lynda Hawthorn: “Log cabin flying geese A gift for daughter”

from: Nancy Alvarez Burdick: “The Taco Night Placement/Quilt project. I made quilted placements for the girls to sign and date for each Taco Night meal. These placemats are the center of each of these small quilts. “

from: Nancy Alvarez Burdick: “A wedding gift for a coworker. A friend of mine did the longarm quilting.”

from: Elsie Saar: “White chocolate “

If you want your quilt to be featured on 24 Blocks, simply upload of a photo of it! We’d love to see what you’re working on.

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