July 31 – Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks

from: Rod Freeman: “”Stacked Squares”….. measures 80 inches x 80 inches… Perfect way to use up scraps”

from: Angela Bernhart: “This is a log cabin quilt (not quilted in this picture) hand quilted later by my sister. Made for a nephew’s wedding gift.”

from: Linda Gold Deis: “A couple years ago my daughter asked me to make quilts for her daughters. They share a room and their is 3-1/2 yrs age difference. She wanted something that would last till the older one hit her teens AND she wanted something that looked old fashioned (meaning ’30’s fabrics). While I normally go for something somewhat different, I set out to create two ’30’s inspired youthful quilts. This was the result. I just chose a block and added the butterflies, flowers and stems!”

from: Alena Mae Doty: “May Baskets…”

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