July 5 – Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks

from: Yvonne Brown: “Made this for my Mother in 2003. Looks just as good today. Inspired by a Miniature Quilt pattern by Carol Doak I added some of my own design to it. My Mother Loves it.”

from: Megan B. Brown: “I wanted to to take the time to show quilting love in action. Many of you have liked my mama’s Elaine Sinclair Wilson quilt. This is my son wrapped up in love. My mama is a very talented quilter and her gifts will be cherished for generations to come. On behalf of all of the quilting recipients: We appreciate your labor of love. These beautiful demonstrations of thoughtfulness really do brighten our world and remind us constantly of the warmth you share from your soul. ;)”

from: Beth Guffey Wilson: “My very first quilt. Enjoyed making it for my little girl.. her bed looks so pretty with all the pink colors.”

from: L & R Designs Quilting: “The quilting for my 3584 Postage Stamp Quilt is simple, I love it!”

U.S. Navy SEAL's K9 Longtime Partner Was Laid To Rest With A Heartfelt Tribute: Click “Next Page” below!

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