July 7 – Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks

from: Evelyn Saphier: “My hat is off to all of these amazing quilts! The one I would like to share is a Wheel of Mystery quilt that just arrived home from my quilting friend, Sue Cazziol of Phoenix Fabrics. I love this design. This was my first, two others were given as gifts. My teacher for this was John M. Kubiniec”

from: Peggy Warner Barker: “I created this without a pattern. My niece had given me the idea about crosses on a quilt, so I just drew this one out. I used 4 inch blocks on the whole quilt, and just put the cross as one color. When you look at it closely the crosses are made out of butterfly print. I took the picture outside, so the shadows are from the trees.”

from: Linda Yandt Pincus: “I made this quilt for my husband. It hangs in his office at work. Each dog has a dog tag with their name on it: all of them are either our dogs from childhood on or are friend’s or relative’s dogs. Buttons for eyes and noses. Happy Caterday!”

from: Charyl Nichols: “My first YoYo Quilt. It is for my moms 73rd birthday.”

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