July 9 – Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks

from: Lynda Halliger Otvos: “CatCat finds whatever piece I have last worked on and makes it her own. Here she is splayed out on Components, my five-block-by-five-block lightweight throw that I spend a lot of cool SF Summer days snuggled beneath.”

from: Lauren Packard Lawson: “I’m making twin sized quilts for my grandsons using the Windmills at Night pattern. Here’s my cat, Tweety, helping to arrange the blocks.”

from: Mary Ellen Chatigny: “My friend, Noreen, would have been 72 today. We used to do everything together, including making quilts. In her memory, many of her unfinished quilts have been finished and given to some of her friends. This is one that I finished. It is my favorite. As I worked on this quilt, I felt as if I were working on a project full of Noreen’s fighting spirit. It has been given to one of our mutual quilting friends who has recently been diagnosed with a different form of cancer. May this quilt comfort her.”

from: Mary Deotte: “This is a quilt I made when my husband and I spent our first winter in Florida and our daughter was staying at home in Massachusetts to watch our Cairn Terrier, Bailey. We’ve now decided to take her with us this fall and so I gave this quilt to my daughter… seemed like a fair trade to me!”

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