June 13 – Today’s Featured Quilts

from: Barbara Gibson: “Here’s the finished top in flannel…”

from: Barbara Gibson: “Progress pic…..one row done. Thought I’d better take a pic now – it will be dark by the time it is all put together…..not bad for flannel.”

from: Lisa Selenke: “HI Ladies I really enjoy looking at all your beautiful quilts I am new to quilting this one I just finished for a benefit it is going to be raffled off there not fancy just old school block quilts machine sewn, this one is Fl gators, mossy oak camo denim and orange with a fleece backing I cal them camp quilts durable keep you warm in the woods.. my very first quilt I made was 20 years ago with my mothers clothes after she passed it was the Dresden plate I will unpack it and post it.”

from: Eula Marie Ward: “here is my pattern as best as I can rememberMy strings quilt vestFirst I made all of my squares. Cut out a vest pattern front Start laying the block out to your satisfaction. Just butt them up You will sew them down with on each side to attach the blocks to youCut a 2 inch bias strips Don’t know how many Do not fold….. take your bias strips and lay them down evenly on the butted blocks. Sew on both sides If you run out of bias strips just but them up, no need to sew the down I don’t think I even cut the fringe/ I add a light batting quilted the front vest I cut the back out of demine and did not do anything with it just a single layer. that’s about how I did it. Sew them all together and cut out bias Binding for the arm hole and around the edge of vest/ that’s about all I remember of it.sorry I could not explain it better. Get in touch with me if you need help. I plan on making me a white one. soon.Marie”

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