June 24 – Today’s Featured Quilts

from: Michael-Joyce Simmons: “This quilt is for my son, who is a FARMALL fanatic. I call it FARM ALL fields. I used the Strips & Salsa pattern.”

from: Lara Murray: “It is finish…With beige boarder around it..I thought wwith all that cloor it will be too much.I thought beige will be fine..With the thread it is green..I found the name of the pattern:Window View Quilt”…”

from: Dee Snook: “When my mother died I found a lot of pieces of my grandmother’s embroidery crochet in her linen closet and then it went into mine. I thought that someday it would all be thrown out, so I cut up pieces to make a quilt for my daughter, along with photos of my grandmother, etc. Now I have to make quilts for my dtr-in-law and gr-dtr with the rest of the pieces. I think they’ll be preserved better in a quilt than in the closet.”

from: Becky Erdman: “Missed Caturday – but here is Gracie checking out my latest project.”

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