June 24 – Today’s Featured Quilts

from: Betsy Plawer Powell: “I have never posted one of my designs but I am willing to try. I made this for my sister to hang outside her classroom. I got the twisted pattern from an old friend Ruth Lofgren. I am working on a shamrock now”

from: Michael-Joyce Simmons: “This is my mom’s favorite quilt top that she had done. She was already in the nursing home when Daddy asked me to quilt it. I got it done by her April birthday in 2004. It needs more quilting, but it was enough to be able to show it to her. She and Daddy and other family members helped design the details that she embroidered on the blocks.”

from: Michael-Joyce Simmons: “This is the last quilt that my mom pieced (1999-2000) and started to quilt. Her dementia had already started by the time she started quilting and she would just start quilting wherever she picked up the quilt. I got it in 2005 to finish. It was very hard to have to take out some of her stitches, but I finally got it finished (after 8 1/2 years of working on it). Momma started this for my niece and I was able to give it to her in January 2014. It was not her best work on quilting, but still very special to my heart.”

from: Michael-Joyce Simmons: “This is a close up of the FARMALL fabric that was included in the quilt.”

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