June 28 – Today’s Featured Quilts

Here at 24 Blocks, we love the sense of community and happiness that quilting brings; which is why we love to share the beautiful quilts that our readers submit to us every day! Take a look at some of our favorite, user- submitted quilts below, and get inspired!

from: Jody L Winquist: “This is a quilt I gave my great nephew. I named it “The Twists & Turns of Life””

from: Brenda Miles Smith: “I hope this is ok. I am going to post some of my wall hangings . They were all from guild challenges. First one has the smallest stitches I have quilted . The others will follow this. I do not know how to put them all on one post.”

from: Karla Davis: “Here’s my contribution to a Caterday – not sure how to submit, but at least I can show it here. This cat sits on our hearth or mantel, depending on where we live and how we decorate. I saw something like this in a craft fair and came home to make a sketch. Then I got out my box of old family quilt pieces (through generations various people cut up the tattered, well-used quilts for other purposes and I got the lovely leftovers). I stuffed the cat and put a large rock in the bottom to weight it. BTW – the Heritage book cover in the background is a project I made for each of 6 family groups using quilt pieces, vintage jewelry, vintage buttons, old lace, pre-used hat ribbons, etc. You can see a square of the same old quilt on the book cover.”

from: Judy Heston: “These Sunbonnet “babies” were originally cut out and sew together by my maternal great aunt in-law, Maybelle probably early 1940’s. They sat around very preserved. I finally appliqued them on vintage-looking material to make blocks. This was presented to my wonderful grand-daughter, Sophia Grace, on her 6th birthday. I am so pleased we have preserved some of history.”

If you want your quilt to be featured on 24 Blocks, simply upload of a photo of it! We’d love to see what you’re working on.

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