June 3 – Today’s Featured Quilts

from: Kathi Higgs Pauling: “This is my first bargello wave made for my daughter’s ocean colored guest room. I named it “Waves upon the Shore”. It has shimmery sand and ‘foam’, and except for white bubble fabric, is done all in batiks. I did random wave quilting off into the borders to the edge. I usually do more traditional quilts…this is my first attempt at a contemporary one.”

from: Alexandra Danielle Migenes: “I am very new to quilting, this being my fourth quilt. I walked into the fabric store hoping to buy some fleece…then walked out with an unhealthy amount of fabric and the thought of trees. With no pattern, nor clear concept of what I wanted I just sort of made it up as I went, changing my mind while sewing, time and time again. This was the end result; blocks I hope look like trees and birds with crazy button eyes. I ended up calling it my “Fall trees” quilt because of the colors and gifting it to my mother who taught me how to sew.”

from: Becky Erdman: “Here is one more Serengeti Kiss.”

from: Linda Deis: “When my Grandson turned 10 it was time to give him a room that would last through his teenage years. As an avid skier, the choice of a theme was clear. One thing he wanted was a bag to slip between his mattress and box spring that would hold his reading book, water bottle and book light. I designed this one using clip art for the skier. The quilting lines in the top half represent the ski runs. Of course I wasn’t thinking, after you tuck it between the mattress & box spring it doesn’t show!”

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