June 6 – Today’s Featured Quilts

from: Kathy Mick Disbro: “I just started quilting a year and a half ago. This is a quilt top that I made for myself. It is a Jewelbox pattern. I have to send it out to have it quilted. It is king size, much too large for me to tackle on my small machine!”

from: Sandra Allen Johnson: “A beautiful quilt that my mother made for my granddaughter/her great-granddaughter for Christmas 2013”

from: Barbara Gibson: “This shows how the stippling makes the plates appear to pop out….”

from: Sandi Garvey: “Just finished this quilt for our 12th grandchild, due in March. I’ve been wanting to make something with the built-in Disney embroidery patterns for a long time, so gave this a try…”

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