June 7 – Today’s Featured Quilts

from: Peggy Catt Braun Stringer: “I called this one “You Are Loved” and gave it to my friend to use while she has chemo”

from: Angie Marler Brubeck: “I just started quilting about 4 months ago. Self taught, so I have made and learned from mistakes. This is the third quilt I have done. The top is finished ready for batting, backing and basting and I am going to free motion quilt, which I LOVE doing. It is a king size, so it may take a while!”

from: Virginia Ginny Storm: “I made this for a special friend of my granddaughter.”

from: Linda Deis: “I’m starting a red and cream quilt for my daughter and already it’s talking to me. Since it’s made of batiks, it’s been telling me to use some of it’s sister colors – red-orange and red-pink blends. So far I’m listening and liking it. But there sure are a lot of those 4” pin wheels (another one of its ideas)! It’s also saying, “Stop me! Stop me! I want a very narrow, very dark 1 or 1-1/2″ inside border before my outer border!” Who taught quilts to talk anyway? Wish it would just be quiet and let me work! Can’t wait till I get ready to quilt! Somehow, I don’t think it will “go quietly into the night”.”

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