June 9 – Today’s Featured Quilts

from: Karen Minteer: “I made this for my husband for Valentines day …he uses it in his recliner as a lap quilt. I saw a picture of one like it and just figured the pattern out from the picture. Its a pretty simple quilt to do and would be great for a beginner”

from: Madge Mason: “This is the first block in my Snowman Snowglobe Block of the month collection kit that I purchased from Cherylsquiltcorner.com. I started getting these in July 2008 and finished buying them in August 2009. They have been tucked away and I decided to make them a part of my 2014 New Years Resolution. I plan to finish this quilt in early November. The other part of my resolution is to make 1 additional quilting/ and or sewing project every month. So far I have finished 2 snowman blocks, and am currently finishing 2 pillow quilts, so I would say, Things are “sewing” good for 2014.”

from: Sue Deakin Flasche: “Started this quilt of homespun fabric at class at Quilt America in the mid 1990’s….. Most of the blocks were made but I machined pieced the blocks and borders in 2013 and hand quilted it in January 2014. It is my “it’s never too late to finish” quilt! It shrunk just enough to give the quilt top the “relief” I like with my finished hand quilted pieces.”

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