Just a Few of the Brights We love

We always love seeing quilts that are bold and bright. Maybe it was growing up with an antique crazy quilt full of velvets and silks spread over an old parlor love seat. Maybe it’s a summer’s yearning for old lipstick shades or the colors of garden flowers in the evening or the allure of the colors of the old Pick-up-Stix. Here are three we’ve selected for your evening’s quilt inspiration. We’d like to thank Sally, Susie and Patty for sharing them with our 24 Blocks quilting community.

from: Patty Johnson: “My wool quilt with embroidery stitches on the seams. “

Isn’t it amazing how quilts like Patty’s can span centuries? It’s grounded in the old techniques of the Crazy Quilt, but yet is stunning modern art. Notice all the embroidery stitches and that each fabric in the wheels is repeated four times, giving them a sense of motion.

from: Susie Jones-Szoldra: “Close up of My Happy Place quilt. The flowers are quilted in a large daisy petal. BQ2 pattern. For my sister, Cindy Austin.”

We love the garden theme Susie used and the off-center layouts of the BQ2 quilts. Her use of oranges and fushias against the soft mottled aqua is, truly, happy.

from: Sally Henderson: “A photo from Sally”

We love how the block pattern in Sally’s quilt is echoed in the background. We’ve always called this basic block Churn Dash, although there are other names for it. It’s beautiful against Sally’s neutral wall that’s close to the color of the light background fabric in the quilt. And, yes, it does remind us of Pick-up-Stix.

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