Log Cabin Love

We love how there are so many varieties of Log Cabin quilts and how they go from serious traditional to cutting edge modern. One of the few types of LC’s we haven’t seen, however, would be something out of the 1950’s retro-revival. Is anyone up for a Tangelo, Pink, and Blue-Suede Shoes type Log Cabin…maybe with some poodle skirt material or pink scarves from Grease?

Meanwhile, we can enjoy these wonderful varieties shared with us by Nancy, Alena, Ky and Phyllis. They are just to get our imaginations going as we admire their creativity and good work….

from: Nancy O’Gorman: “This is my favorite quilt. The Log Cabin really worked with the black, white, and red.”

from: Alena Mae Doty: “Log Cabin Quilt Court House Steps variation with appliquÈd stars and crows…”

from: Kj Nelson: “My favorite quilt is only 8″ x 8″. This tiny Scrappy Log Cabin is sewn on graph paper, and has roughly 300 pieces. I don’t think I can go any smaller than this 😉 but who knows!”

from: Phyllis Dodd Evans: “Log cabin “

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