Looking For A Nice Change-Of-Pace Project? Try This Fold And Sew Quilt!

If you have just finished a tedious, long and arduous project and are looking for something a bit easier, then we have just the project for you! We think this fold and sew block is perfect for you!

Quick and simple, this technique forms a square in a square block, and the results are absolutely gorgeous!

Take a look at the following video tutorial, asPeg Spradlin from the National Quilters Circle shows us the steps.

Don’t forget when you are done, to take a picture or two of your finished project and share them with us! We can not wait to see how your project turned out!

While you are at it, if you are looking to mount that previous project (or even this one!) on the wall and show it off to your friends, family and any other visitors, you can learn to do so here!


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