Memories Captured in Ties that Have Many Meanings

Tonight we’re just going to feature one set of quilts made by one quilter. Our readers who regularly follow 24 Blocks have seen several examples of tie quilts made to help honor the lives of fathers, husbands, grandfathers and friends who have died. There’s a great variety in the way they can be done and we’ll feature more of them in the upcoming days. But, for tonight, we want to show just one. It shows a man’s involvement with a very important charity.

Sandy Stansbury shared with us this photo of two quilts she made. This is what she wrote,

“Whenmy brother died, his wife asked me to ‘make a memory or two’ with some of his Save The Children ties. One quilt is titled “Memories of David”, the other is “Family Ties”.

One of the very nice things of Sandy’s work is the layout of the ties. They seem to be rays from a sun. On one the rays all point outward and on the other, the rays go in both directions. That’s so symbolic of the life of someone who has given his heart to an important charity and/or work to help children. There is a radiance that goes on and spreads.

Sandy quilted both by hand.

Save the Children, as most of us know, helps keep vulnerable children alive all over the world. While many of us are probably familiar with their work internationally, they also are active in helping US organizations prepare for and recover from disasters.

We’re not exactly sure about the origin of the “Save the Children” ties. They don’t seem to have been sold by the charity. From what we can tell, they were made by a private company that then donated a portion of profits to the charity. What’s important is that they showed a concern for the well-being of children. That concern for others can help form bonds in a family, can help radiate.

Thank you, Sandy, for sharing this with all of us. Quilts tell so much! We wish you and your family the best!

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